Halle Butler at Big Forever

Come to this show to see a fantastic program of short films (including one by Dikarya alumn Jason Ogawa, and a few by future feature animators like Simon Allen, Bill Bacarella, and Pablo Lorenzana) and to see some amazing sets, including a performative reading by Halle Butler!
Soon, Butler will be releasing a book-on-tape through Dikarya. Her stories are sitcoms blown out of proportion, the mundane serving as a perfect backdrop to her ugly and inadequate characters' lives. The tape will feature a reading of her story, The Restaurant Business, and it will come with the book itself, full of Halle's fantastic pencil scribbles.

Don't miss watchin her read- and don't miss the other acts either. Otto Splotch is a prolific comic artist whose work is as smart as it is totally gross. John Bellows is performing with his new band, and Brett Koontz of Problems gets epic and weird. Great!