The Restaurant Business by Halle Butler

DIK07: The Restaurant Business Book + Tape by Halle Butler

Halle Butler's writing will whisk you away to a tragic suburban place where love is for manipulation, the meek never have their day, and adults are as cruel and stubborn as you remember them being in your angsty teenage years. And between grimaces you will laugh, because Butler knows that it is funny that life is mundane.

Which brings us to this particular book-on-tape! It is a 10 minute treat dubbed on baby-pink cassette, recorded live at Brain Frame 8 in Chicago by Tyson Torstensen, narrated by Halle herself. It comes complete with a book of corresponding illustrations by Halle.
Experience Peter's existential journey as he conceptualizes the decor for his new restaurant. With the help of Leona, a sheik and experienced restauranteur who has pointy hair, he can't go wrong. Oh, and his wife Madeline is there too. I guess she got everybody drinks.

Halle Butler is a novelist and an accomplished screenplay writer. Her most recent work, 'Crimes Against Humanity' (Directed by Jerzy Rose) will be presented on the big screen at the Gene Siskel Film Center for THREE days, yes three! And as if we couldn't be proud enough, she recently read 'The Restaurant Business' to a room full of really stoked Chicagoans at her Dikarya release show.

(though there are some extra copies of the book, please email and I'll send you one!)

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